How-to Host an Allergy-Friendly Social Party

May 1, 2017 by Justine Pfeffer

Who doesn’t love a celebration with great food, entertaining conversations and unforgettable memories? I’m sure most of us have our hands raised. But for some, it can be quite the daunting task. Countless people struggle from food allergies on a daily basis. It becomes their responsibility to carefully research what they are eating to prevent an allergic reaction. Help your guests feel a peace of mind by reading below on four thoughtful ways to host an allergy-free social party.


Know Your Guests

Before getting ahead of yourself on becoming the next Chef Gordon Ramsey, Send out invitations and have your guests RSVP with their allergy concerns. Then, make a list regarding the allergy and sensitivities they put on there. This will help prevent an allergic reaction from occurring when preparing and presenting your food.


Avoid Cross Contact

Thoroughly clean your cooking tools with soap and water after each use. Even though it might not be visible to the naked eye, traces of food could be left behind on your spatula or baking sheet if not cleaned properly. Since you’re probably cooking several dishes at the same time, start with the allergen-free meals first. That way, you can keep it covered and distant from other foods.


(BYOD) Bring Your Own Dish

For many of us, we look forward to a delicious meal at a social event. For others, it can be a stressful and worrisome time. Help your guests feel at ease and encourage people to bring their own dish if they desire. It could make a great conversation starter to discuss their recipe.


Food Placement

You worked hard in the kitchen, now it’s time show off your skills! Start by separating allergy-friendly meals from other dishes to avoid cross contamination. Try setting place cards in front of each dish, so your guests can read each meal clearly. Now, it’s time to enjoy.
Bon Appétit!