One Small Sip

January 25, 2017 by Emily Curran
This is a sponsored post.

Cold off the press! The forecast for 2017 is healthy and bright, and Evolution Fresh® is determined to keep it that way. Why cold, you ask? That’s because Evolution Fresh® uses a cold-press process to help protect the nutrients and boost the natural flavors in every bottle. For Evolution Fresh®, cold-pressing is nothing new, but for me it is the first step towards greater well-being in 2017.

With the welcome of the new year, I have realized more and more how much my health and wellness can improve. My meal choices in 2016 suffered a great deal from my “on-the-go” lifestyle, complete with impulse buys based on time, rather than quality. Never having the time to cook, I thought that drinking my veggies might help, but never realized how much added sugar I was drinking along with them.

I found Evolution Fresh® just in time to make a difference. Who knew that a delicious, low-sugar serving of green veggies happened to be right next door at my local Starbucks®, or that all of these other convenient locations would fit so well with my hectic traveling schedule? Rather than rely on artificial sweeteners for taste, Evolution Fresh® green juices maximize the natural goodness of every veggie to satisfy my taste buds and keep me energized throughout the day, so that nutrition isn’t even a second thought. Evolution Fresh® juices can also be found at natural-channel grocers nationwide, including Whole Foods and Sprouts, and as if that weren’t enough to make me a lifelong fan, they even have a total of 27 tasty juice varieties that range from Apple, Orange, or Tangerine to Organic Strawberry Lemonade when it ain’t so easy drinking green.

In 2017, Evolution Fresh® encourages us to take a sip in a brighter direction, with the notion that one small step for juice can lead to one giant leap for overall health. One smart decision to fuel up with wholesome, cold-pressed juice can inspire countless others, like taking a few minutes a day to meditate, exercise, or hit the hay a little earlier to ensure another bright, smiling day. Instead of sacrificing our lifestyles for better health and wellness, we should improve them with simple, positive choices that go a long way.

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The Evolution Fresh® community has inspired me more than ever to pursue this brighter lifestyle through their #MySmallSip initiative. Daily @EvolutionFresh posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have only just begun to fuel my motivation for a brighter 2017, and I can’t wait to get sipping!