Crunchmaster Crackers

Looking for a great tasting certified Gluten Free snack that will satisfy your crunch cravings? Crunchmaster® has several delicious oven-baked flavors you’ll crave! Packed with 100% whole grain goodness, Crunchmaster crackers are made with a blend of pure, California brown rice and loaded with seeds like sesame, quinoa, amaranth, millet & flax.

Crunchmaster® crackers are certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization ( For a list of our verified GMO free varieties, see Enjoy them right out of the package or with your favorite gourmet spreads, dips and toppings!

About Crunchmaster®

TH Foods is the only Japanese-style baked rice cracker manufacturer in North America. We have a R&D staff of 8 scientists and 1 research chef create the “Best of Both Worlds”; traditional healthy rice snacks from the East combined with tempting taste sensations from the West. Products include: Crunchmaster® crackers & chips, Harvest Stone® crispy mixes, bulk snack components (i.e., sesame sticks). Major raw materials are U.S. sourced: pure California rice, sesame from the Southern Plains, Non-GMO corn, etc.

Crunchmaster Crackers

Gluten Free

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