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About Enjoy Life Foods - Eat Freely

What makes your product kid-friendly? 

Our mission is to create great tasting free-from foods the world trusts and loves. We make our products with real ingredients you can pronounce. Blends of ancient grains, seeds, and other better-for-you ingredients create a delicious product to fuel kids through the school day, sports practices and more. They taste great—so food allergy or not, they allow for inclusiveness. Enjoy Life products are verified non-GMO, certified gluten-free and free-from the top 8 common allergens.

What is your best-selling Back to School product? 

Families love our new Mini Cookies! Perfectly portioned 1 oz. packs of delicious allergy-friendly cookies are perfect for tossing in lunchboxes, snacking on-the-go and for those times you just want a dang cookie. Don’t be surprised if Mom and Dad find themselves with their hands in the cookie jar! 

Try all varieties of Mini Cookies!
Soft Baked: Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Brownie and Snickerdoodle. 
Crunchy: Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Sugar Crisp and Vanilla Honey Graham.

What are some Back to School tips to give to parents? 

Enjoy Life’s Guide to Allergy-Friendly School Safety:

Discuss: Ask about the school's food allergy policies. Make sure they’re aware of your student’s allergies.
Plan: Have an emergency plan so your student will be taken care of if a reaction occurs.
Prepare: Pack lunch and make sure your student is equipped with medication and resources. 
Inform: Teach your student how to manage food allergies. Inform teachers and parents how they can help your child stay safe.

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