Honest Fizz

Say hello to Honest Fizz, a naturally sweetened soda with zero calories and zero sugars. 

Available in four so-da-lightful flavors: Organic Root Beer, Orange Pop, Lemon Limey and Professor Fizz (aka Spiced Cherry). 

Honest Fizz is a classic soda with a modern twist. The Root Beer is Certified Organic, and all four varieties are OU Kosher, Gluten Free and contain No GMOs. It’s made with a blend of two zero-calorie sweeteners that will not affect blood glucose or insulin levels: Stevia, a plant originally from South America that has been used as a sugar substitute for hundreds of years, and Erythritol, a natural sugar alcohol.

About Honest Tea

Honest Tea is the nation's top-selling organic bottled tea company specializing in lower calorie beverages that are ‘just a tad sweet.’


Gluten Free

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