Made in Nature - Dried Mangoes

About Made in Nature - Dried Mangoes

What makes your product kid-friendly?

Whether you’re packing your kiddos lunch or grabbing a snack on-the-go, our Dried Mangoes are the perfect portable, packable snack. Plus, if your kid has a sweet tooth (and let’s be real, don’t all kids have one?!), our Dried Mangoes are naturally sweet, which make them a great option for satisfying sugar cravings. That’s right, our Dried Mangoes have NOTHING added, so the only sugar is from the fruit itself. You won’t find any chemicals or artificial preservatives, such as sulfur dioxide. 

What is your best-selling Back to School product?

Dried Fruit is popular as it's naturally sweet and kid-approved. While Dried Mangoes are a favorite among kidos, they're also big fans of our Dried Apples, Cranberrries and Bananas. Our Choco Crunch Figgy Pops are also the perfect treat for tiny tots!

What are some Back to School tips to give to parents?

  • With this snack, kids won't experience a dramatic blood sugar spike (unlike with other sweet snacks). Mangoes contain both soluble & insoluble fiber, which helps aid blood sugar regulation, digestive health & sustained satiety.
  • Kids are growing at the fastest rate they'll experience in their life and need healthy snacks around to grow strong & healthy, but also to maintain mental focus. Dried Fruit has concentrated sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Start your kiddo on healthy foods at a young age and they’ll be fans for life.
  • Are you a parent to a professional athlete in training?! Mangoes are a good source of iron, which is essential for oxygen transport in the blood and prevents anemia. This makes them the perfect post-soccer match snack.

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