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About Natural Grocers

Founded in 1955 Natural Grocers is a rapidly expanding specialty retailer of natural and organic groceries and dietary supplements.

  • Providing high-quality products at affordable prices, exceptional customer service, nutrition education and community outreach

  • Not approving for sale grocery products that are known to contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, sweeteners or partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils and selling only USDA certified organic produce     

  • Enhancing customers’ shopping experience by providing free in store science-based nutrition education to help customers make well-informed health and nutrition choices

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Where can you find our coupons?

Mambo Sprouts coupons can be found in the seasonal publication Mambo Savings every Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday season. These booklets are located at store entrances, customer service areas and check out.

Latest Edition:

Inside the latest Mambo Savings Coupon Book at Natural Grocers, you will find some great offers from:

  • Alexia
  • Blue Diamond
  • Crunchmaster
  • Flackers
  • House Foods
  • Lifeway
  • Organic Valley
  • Rudi's